Our company

The headquarter of our company is in the EU, specifically in Italy.
Our company is working on the development and operation of a solution that makes it possible to access remote systems.
Our business model is based on subscriptions. Subscriptions provide our company with the financial stability that allows us to keep growing and improving.
We are open to collaborating with others as well.

Our team

Our team is fully committed to our project, which is to provide a system that allows access to remote devices.
Although our company is based in Italy, our team working on the project and the infrastructure associated with our services are present in several countries around the world.
We do our best to ensure that everyone who contacts us gets the solutions and answers they are looking for.
Every member of our team is committed to creating a system that is not only easy to use and highly efficient, but also provides the highest possible level of security and privacy. For everyone.

Current activities

Maintaining, operating, and improving the current infrastructure and our community. Some examples:
  • Regular monitoring and maintenance of our servers and nodes.
  • Ensuring continuous and secure operation.
  • Support and assist customers and users.
  • Further enhancing the security of our system.
  • Looking for new solutions.
  • Maintain and strengthen the trust of our users.
  • Improvement of existing functions.
  • Development of new features.

Our missions

  • Our main goal is to make our service available to everyone, by default ad-free and free of charge. Subscriptions make this possible.
  • Maximize the security of accounts to keep our customers and users safe.
  • Alongside stable and secure operation, we would like to focus on introducing new features.
  • We would like to reach as many users as possible, who will use our service with maximum satisfaction.

The way of our improvement

More subscriptions More money
More money More development
More development More new features
More new features More productive users
More productive users More satisfied users
More satisfied users More subscriptions
More subscriptions ...