Applications are specific features that allow you to interact with the remote system. These applications can differ depending on the type of system where you installed the DWAgent.
The available applications are the following:


It allows you to fully control the remote system by displaying its screen and allowing cursor control and keyboard input. You can also choose to share the remote system with other users, who you can optionally prevent from using the mouse and keyboard.

Files and Folders

It allows you to fully access the file system of the remote system by offering the ability to download and upload any file. You can also choose to share folders with other users by configuring the operations to which each user is authorized (read only, edit, download, upload, or all). Depending on the type of files some operations can be performed without the downloading of the file (eg. A text file can be edited directly through the application "Text editor").


It allows you to monitor the status of the remote system by getting information about memory, processors, disks, processes and services. It also allows you to perform some operations such as start/stop services, terminate processes, etc.


It allows you to start a terminal session on the remote system.

Text editor

It allows you to view and edit a text file.

Log watch

It allows you to display a log file which is automatically updated.