The DWService Agent is a key component that you first need to install on your device in order to be able to remotely control it.
With DWService, you can control your remote machines directly from within a web browser. Hence, there is nothing to install. However, we have developed clients for several platforms in order to improve your experience and bypass browser limitations.

Licenses and Sources of Agent

The agent software is free and open source. It consists of a core component released under the MPLv2 license, and several libraries and components that are governed by different licenses. The source code is hosted on GitHub, you can download it here:
Below is the list of licenses for each component:
Python 2
Python 3
App. Desktop
App. FileSystem
App. LogWatch
App. Resource
App. Shell
App. TextEditor
Lib. Core
Lib. GDI
Lib. OSUtil
Lib. ScreenCapture
Lib. SoundCapture
Lib. Z
Lib. TurboJPEG
Lib. Opus
Lib. RtAudio